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lusciousPassing by this drive-through coffee stand in Mountlake Terrace, my uncaffeinated mind couldn’t imagine what its new sign might mean. “Family Friendly”? Were they handing out crayons with the cappucinos? Mini punch cards for hot cocoa?

Turns out it was meant to repel all the aggrieved men who were pulling in after seeing the stand’s name — Luscious Latte — expecting bikinis or lingerie on their baristas. (The unhappy customers hadn’t referenced the Seattle Bikini Barista site first, apparently.) My barista was wearing a sweatshirt, looked very comfortable, and made a drink that was entirely decent.

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It’s time again for Seattle Magazine’s annual “Best Restaurants” guide, and this one features “restaurants that stand the test of time” (think an all-local version of this) as well as hot newcomers.I don’t need to tell you about Maneki or Red Mill or Cafe Juanita, so — I hate to be so food porn about it, but let’s jump to the hot part.

Spinasse was named best new restaurant of the year. I’m not exactly surprised,  but I feel lonely — because I’ve never heard another person report a similar experience — to say Spinasse rated as my own biggest disappointment in a restaurant this year.  On my single, long-awaited trip, I found overcooked tajarin and unbearable noise. Still, the magazine’s description of sensational, toothsome, “confoundingly delicious” pastas makes me want to give it another try.

The Corson Building shared the prime double-spread, taking the title of  ”best dinner for all the senses.” No argument from me.  


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