Here are websites, blogs, and other online work from other staff members from the former Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper. Most are starting new ventures after the death of the print edition. I’ll update the list as other projects go live.


Investigate West

Seattle Post-Globe


Gilbert Arias: Photographer.

Jessica Blanchard: Education reporter.

  • Corporate communicatons, PEMCO

Paul Joseph Brown: Photographer.

Angelo Bruscas: Night City Editor.

Jim Bryant: Photographer.

R.M. Campbell: Classical music reporter/critic.

Hector Castro: Police reporter.

  • Website: Hector Castro
  • Communications consultant, Washington Department of Labor & Industries

Joe Copeland: Editorial writer.

Dan DeLong (with Scott Eklund, Andy Rogers, and Robert Sumner): Photographers

Rebekah Denn: Reporter, food writer, former restaurant critic.

Karen Ducey: Photographer.

Cecelia Goodnow: features writer, children’s book reviewer.

JiaYing Grygiel (Caroline Chen): Layout editor.

Regina Hackett: Art critic.

Candace Heckman: Assistant City Editor.

John Hickey: Mariners beat reporter.

Larry Johnson: National/Foreign Editor.

Lewis Kamb: Investigative Reporter.

Mike Kane: Photographer - outdoors and freelance photojournalism.

Leslie Kelly: Restaurant critic.

Philippa Kiraly: Freelance classical music writer.

Jennifer Langston: Reporter, specializing in neighborhood sustainability.

Daniel Lathrop: Investigative reporter.

John Levesque: Lifestyles editor, former sports columnist and TV critic.

Mike Lewis: “Under The Needle”. 

Diane Mapes: “Single Shot” columnist, freelance writer.

Robert McClure: Environmental reporter.

Karin McGinn: Copy desk chief.

  • To be announced.

Curt Milton: Online producer.

  • Blogs: Eastlake Ave (neighborhood blog for the Eastlake community)

             Infinite Zoom

Kery Murakami: Reporter.

Kathy Mulady: Government reporter.

  • Communications Director for Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes

Paul Nyhan: Family reporter.

Christina Okeson: Copy editor.

Colin Powers: Life & Arts Editor

Amy Rolph: Education reporter.

Claudia Rowe: Social issues, investigative reporter.

Andrew Saeger: Illustrator, graphic artist.

Meryl Schenker: Photographer.

Andrew Schneider: Investigative reporter.

Mai Ling Slaughter: Copy Editor.

Lisa Stiffler: Environmental reporter.

Gene Stout: Pop music critic.

Robert Sumner: Photo Assignment Editor.

Ruth Teichroeb: Investigative reporter.

Mark Trahant: Editorial Page Editor.

Bill Virgin: Business columnist.

Wendy Wahman: Illustration, graphic artist.

James Wallace: Aerospace reporter.

Brad Wong: Business reporter.