For the next six months, you can find me over at The Seattle Times, where I’m writing for the All You Can Eat blog during the incomparable Nancy Leson’s leave. Already, it’s been fun dishing on topics like great Thai street food, the rise in winter farmers markets, and whether that’s really Mario Batali giving out one-on-one advice on Twitter.

Even though I’ve been writing for Pacific Magazine in the Times for a few years now, I hadn’t realized how much I missed daily newspapers. It’s a blast to be back, and I hope you’ll join me.

Either way, you can still find me on the newsstands, in places like Sunset magazine’s look at modern-day butchers, or this piece in Edible Seattle on how a chef brought meat to a vegetarian cafeteria, or this Times piece on what I call “the new 100-mile diet”. Here’s to a delicious, happy, and healthy winter, and I’ll see you in the funny papers and on the food page.

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