I remember Michael Pollan telling me that eating junk food isn’t so bad so long as you put in the work to make it yourself. Clearly he hadn’t come across the new Top Pot cookbook, where I learned that it’s so easy to put together great doughnuts at home that we could make them morning, noon, and night.

As I said over at Al Dente, the fact that these are Top Pot’s fabulous doughnuts is just the icing on the whole raised cake. And, as I said there, Top Pot¬†owners Mark and Michael Klebeck were lucky to have¬†Jess Thomson to translate their recipes for the home cook. “Jess is one of my favorite writers, and she’s also a peerless recipe developer. Her recipes are clear and accurate, reproducible and well-tested. You can take them to the bank — or, more appropriately and happily in this case, to the kitchen.” Why make ‘em at home if you’ve got a Top Pot in the area? Because it’s easier than driving to the shop, and you’ll never taste a fresher, better doughnut. Watch the video (or just skip to minute 10:08 for the “How Long Did All This Take?” section and see), and move forward with some chocolate-glazed old-fashioneds of your own.

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