51ni87rw3l_sl500_aa300_1I get asked all the time where to eat in Seattle. Now I can just point visitors (and natives, for that matter) to Keren Brown’s new book, the “Food Lovers’ Guide To Seattle“. Read through it and you’ll absorb the city’s food scene in a way you could normally only achieve by crunching thousands of the most on-target and up-to-date food tweets and reviews.

Keren guides you through under-the-radar favorites like Nettletown and Tillikum Place Cafe, super cheap eats like El Quetzal and Hallava Felafel, and the best of the rest from newcomers to landmarks. She did a colossal amount of eating out to refine her choices, but she already knew the city’s food scene well. Heck, she’s become an integral part of it herself, as the force behind the Foodportunity” networking parties and a host of other events mixing good people and good food.

Thanks to the publisher, I am happy to say that I’m giving away one copy of the book. And I’m also giving away five tickets to the book release party, at 7 p.m. July 25 at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club. The party’s sponsored by Fonte Coffee, and will feature nibbles from some fine restaurants. (Tickets to the party otherwise run $5, with proceeds going to Fare Start.)

Want to play? Leave a comment here on one of your favorite places to eat in Seattle. (And if you’re from out of town, and just jonesing for a copy of the book, tell us where you’d like to eat.) Comments will close at 9 p.m. PST on July 16, with winners chosen through random numbers.

Updated 7/18 with winners: Anna (#11), you are the lucky winner of the book! Email me at rebekahdenn at gmail.com with your address and we’ll have it sent out. clow (#18), Keridwyn (#13), Camille St. Onge (#29), Aubrey (#12) and Tina (#25), you have won tickets to Keren’s party! Send me your full names and emails, and I’ll get the tickets. Thanks for playing and for the great recommendations!

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