Hoping to make jam or pickles or other preserves, but not sure how? This year, we’re making it easy: Join Cans Across America, an event culminating Aug. 29-30 with home canning across the country. The project was dreamed up by Seattle’s own Kim O’Donnel, most recently of The Washington Post, who explains here how “with the use of internet technology, we are resurrecting a dying art that our grandmothers mastered.”

I went to an organizing meeting today, and if just half the events in the works come through, it’ll be an exciting chance for people to learn the basics of canning and get going on their own.

For  a little inspiration, I have a guest post here on the Canvolution blog today about the Shuksan strawberries we picked in the Skagit Valley in June. Follow the blog for stories, recipes, and events from others — or join in yourself! I’ve been impressed already how just mentioning the project gets so many people on board. (Besides, why miss the priceless opportunity for puns? Can we do it? We sure Can!)

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