You can read that headline two ways, because the note I got about the new cooking classes for kids offered through Tom Douglas Restaurants came courtesy of the head kid herself, Loretta Douglas (that’s Douglas’s daughter, a.k.a. the Loretta in Etta’s).

The 4-hour kid classes will range from “Fruits, Vegetables, and Ice Cream” to “The Best Hamburger Ever,” and, fittingly for that last one, will be held at the Palace Kitchen. Palace head chef Sean Hartley will lead the classes, with the help of the entire chef team — including Loretta, who’s home on a break from Colgate University and is working as a marketing assistant and as a cook for the catering department. And she’s definitely been raised right when it comes to cooking and kids: “I say, start ‘em young!” 

Classes run $30 apiece, and are for children ages 8-12. The official aim: To “cultivate a love ohealthier food, an understanding of the food chain, knowledge of the nutritional value of food, and to learn basic food preparation techniques.” Here’s the schedule and class descriptions:

Saturday June 20th– The best hamburger ever

              This class will begin with grinding and shaping patties, making condiments, preparing healthier French fries, and baking buns! Kids will learn to cook to food safety standards, use lean meat, incorporate whole wheat into buns, and bake delicious fries. The class will conclude with a taste off between a homemade hamburger and one from a fast food restaurant.

Saturday July 11thMac n’ Cheese

              A trip to Beechers Cheese in the Pike Place Market kicks off the morning, where kids will get to see cheese in production. After returning to the Ballroom, youngsters will get to make their very own dish of mac n’ cheese with healthy delicious add-ins and build awareness about unwholesome additives and preservatives.

Saturday July 25th Pizza

              Following a field trip to Serious Pie, kids will learn how to make dough, tomato sauce, sausage, and cut pepperoni! Discussion will be centered around how to make pizza a healthy option but keep it a kid-friendly favorite.

Saturday August 8thFruits, Vegetables, & Ice Cream

              Don’t let the fruits and veggies scare you away! This class will center on a visit to a Belltown pea patch, using food as art, making salads, fruit popsicles, and fresh ice cream! Kids will leave their day with a new knowledge of how easy it is to use fruits and vegetables in their favorite meals, and a homemade delicious frozen treat.

 For information and reservations, call Loretta Douglas at 206-448-2001 or e-mail 


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