Diane LaVonne, who runs a cooking school near Pike Place Market is hosting a meal and conversation on “sushi and sustainability” April 20. The event will involve 2+ hours in the kitchen with Kin Lui and Casson Trenor of Tataki in San Francisco, billed as the country’s first sustainable sushi restaurant. (Trenor is also the author of Sustainable Sushi, and runs a site with a handy up-to-date guide on the same.)

LaVonne, who owns Diane’s Market Kitchen, noted that she’s a conservation education partner with the Seattle Aquarium, “committed to teaching my guests about the importance of supporting local sustainable producers and supplies,” and she’s been hosting a monthly class on sustainable sushi since the Monterey Bay Aquarium launched a sushi watch guide¬†last year.¬†

There will be two classes April 20, one at noon and one at 6 p.m. Cost: $95, including tax. The meal will include nigiri, rolls and sashimi from the Tataki menu. Pre-registration required, call 206-624-6114.

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